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[26 Sep 2016|02:33am]
Had a couple visitors over the weekend.
KB Jones and Cookiee Sivad, two fun crazy gals from back home.
Friday, we drove out to Cannon Beach... walked as close to the Haystack Rock as the cold Pacific would allow. After that, we went to Bill's Brewhouse, a short walk from the beach.
It was a nice return; i'd previously gone there with Rob years ago.
I had a Blackberry Beauty and a nice big bowl of clam chowder.
On the way back to Portland, we stopped at Klootchy Creek State Park, got out and went for a nice hike.
When we got back into town, we met up with Jon and went to The Alibi. I opted out of submitting a song for karaoke as the entire room was full as fuck, and there was no way of knowing if or when i'd get to get on the mic.

Saturday, I slept in while the ladies went shopping on Hawthorne. Afterwards, Jon and I scooped them from the car rental place and went to hit up some food trucks off of Killingsworth.
I had some shrimp fried rice that may or may not have contributed to my stomach being fucked up for the next two days.
They took a nap and I puked up the food and laid in my room, feeling miserable but unable to sleep. So what I did was take a shower and started drinking.
We went to the food carts at 11th and Hawthorne. I had some poutine and beer and felt 10% less shitty. Then, we went to Star Bar and hung out while a DJ spun punk records. From there we hit up A Roadside Attraction, a hip hard-to-spot cash only joint, the interior which looked like a flea market mated with an art show. After that we got an Uber to the Dancin' Bare.. because the gals wanted to go to a strip club. I spent most of my time there talking to and flirting with a dancer named Carla. She hugged me as we were leaving and the bouncer didn't say shit. Slept pretty good that night.

Today, hot hungover dehydrated with a sour belly. Began to feel better around 8 o clock and i've been eating like a stoner ever since. Great times.
Now it's time to get back to work.

[01 Sep 2016|10:33pm]
August was Camel 99's, pizza ovens, too many IPAs, friends visiting, friends passing away, the birth of my love of vaporwave, plans hatching, procrastination, The Aviator on repeat, horrible sun and heat, Cannon Beach, chastity, Propel berry, Concrete by Paul Chadwick, too much work and not enough play.

[01 Sep 2016|10:33pm]
August was Camel 99's, pizza ovens, too many IPAs, friends visiting, friends passing away, the birth of my love of vaporwave, plans hatching, procrastination, The Aviator on repeat, horrible sun and heat, Cannon Beach, chastity, cheap beer, Propel berry, Concrete by Paul Chadwick, too much work and not enough play.

[23 Aug 2016|08:59pm]
[ mood | somber ]

Today has been the roughest, saddest day I can remember.
Last night after work, I came home and learned that my good friend Rod Gunn had died.
Along with everyone else who knew and loved the guy, this news came like a heart-crushing sucker-punch. Last night and again this morning, shock and disbelief held me, and as I tried to get a few things done today, my only day off this week, the reality of it sunk in fully.
My thoughts are consumed and I cannot seem to get it together. Riding on the bus with grocery bags and tears in my eyes. I'm two thousand miles from everyone else who called Rod a friend.
Today I needed social media. There could be no other way to grieve with my Memphis friends.
I have so few people's phone numbers. I can't afford a flight, so I won't be able to attend any funeral service. There is a wound in many people today.
I'm glad that I had the day off. I couldn't handle dealing with people.
Tomorrow is another day, and i'm sure by then I can suppress my emotions and power through the work. We'll see. Tonight, i'm just going to drink beer and listen to some of his favorite bands. I'll think about the road trip with him and Melissa to New Orleans and all the fun and laughs we had. I'll probably look in on people's posts, sure to see photographs.
Maybe i'll go down to the High Water Mark and sing some Bon Scott-era AC/DC. He wouldve approved, I think. RIP Rod Gunn. I will miss you the rest of my days, man.

[18 Aug 2016|05:59pm]
Work, work, work. Not much else to report.

I grind at either job through a shift, then walk or bus home,
kill a sixer and wind down with a movie or some musical rabbit hole.

Rinse and repeat.

Today i'm in a vaporwave mood.

Should be able to grab the early cut and join Jamie at Saraveza.
I could probably use a smidge of social interaction.

I wish autumn would hurry up and get here.
Even in Portland, the sun is too bright and the temp too hot.
Summer is my bummertime. Waiting it out every year sucks on every level.
Might be different for some people who take family vacations or
have access to a swimming pool or who like to drink and eat outside - the patio people.
In my opinion, its nothing but an uncomfortable test of endurance.

This too shall pass.

[12 Aug 2016|04:39pm]
Punched in the face by joy.

[11 Aug 2016|03:29pm]
"You've got me, old farm hands. I'm in exile - i'm in exile."

Chorus from a song heard in last night's dream. There also seemed to be a scene of an iced over road down which objects were blown by a strong wind. Several of the objects seemed to be on fire.

July was [26 Jul 2016|07:28am]
Double IPAs, goses, a shot of whiskey with a cider back, staying calm when everything and everyone seemed to be coming apart, Howard Jones, The Cure, Primitive Man, Dragged Into Sunlight, Matt Wagner's Grendel, Don De Lillo's 'Ratner's Star', Dawn, Vampirella, homemade goetta, dangerous fireworks displays, slight misses on extra jobs, Melvins:Colossus Of Destiny, dirty dancing, knifeplay, endless sunsets, the smell of the neighboring Oreo cookie factory, late night chain-smoking, loneliness, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, the new painful lump in my armpit, and Victory Prima Pils.

[22 Jul 2016|12:31am]
I was boring today. Sure, I cut the yard and loaded the dishwasher. The rest of the day I lounged on the sofa watching Curb Your Enthusiasm or reading the Grendel omnibus I copped from the Killingsworth library. Only left the neighborhood for a few minutes around sunset to get beers. Just sent out three resumes to job ads on Craigslist. So, I did something. Now I return to my frivolity. I should enjoy it while it lasts.

[15 Jul 2016|12:10am]
Went to reactivate my Oregon Trail card, because money's gettin' tight
and after years of paying taxes, the U S of A can at least buy me some spaghetti fixins.

After that, I sent out a couple resumes, then lounged on the couch and watched Roadhouse for the first time in over a decade, from beginning to end. What a great, funny, cheesy-ass movie.

One of my housemates Jamie came by in the second half of the flick. It was great to see him.. he stays gone for weeks.
He wrangled me into going for drinks at The Florida Room (which wasn't hard) and then to my place of employ, Saraveza. Phil joined us and we sampled some of their finest.

I'm home now, full of craft beer, and i'm gonna start watching Mr. Robot.
I should've been a little more productive today. But i'm off work, happy, and I don't really care.
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[07 Jul 2016|10:56pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Living in a big 4 bdrm on a dead end street.
Cheapest rent in town. Still only working at Saraveza.
I'm feeling the squeeze, though, and see it in my bank statement.
Next week, i've got to start looking for a second job, part-time
or else i'm going to be stuck sitting at home all the time
and in a city that's this alive and bursting with fun things to do,
that would be a damn shame.

[07 Apr 2016|09:15pm]
Getting a raise at plaid pantry effective immediately.

Still no leads on the housing front. I hope Jon and I don't end up out in Gresham.
i put in am lot of fucking wiork and lost a lot of sleep to get and keep these two jobs.

Evil fucking hemlock growing up in the backyard. Must be destroyed.

Off tomorrow. Plans to get drunk in SE PDX and try to be social.
Long dish shifts at Saraveza Sat & Sun.

Monday - IRON MAIDEN!!!

Tues - TBD. Either dish bullshit or a day of beer and fish in Seattle

Weds - Birthday. 9 AM work meeting. return home for more sleep.
then beers at Saraveza at 7:30 aqnd migrate to the Alibi at about 10.

Full plate.

[18 Mar 2016|12:01pm]
Last night was Night of the Living (insert any/all narcotics/bodyparts)-heads: the Extended Version. Night of the Livid Lev. Briefly lost my temper. Regained composure. Sent all bullshit boats floating down Fukof River into the windy night. Knee ligament sore. May need to get that looked at. Probably ought to buy a bed. Bus ride home was no picnic. Sardine can in motion. Inappropriate laugh when screaming schizophrenic repeated "Stop it!" and "Nooo" in baby voice that struck all other riders with virus of uncomfortable silence. My discomfort came when he began yelling "Poopy!" I pulled my hood over my eyes and begged the cosmos, "No. Please no. No poopy."

[09 Mar 2016|03:47pm]
[ mood | Rick Ross ]

Monday night was fun. I met up with (Slotalkin)Jon and Filipe at Maui's.
Drained at least 7 or 8 Rainier and laughed as Filipe tried to assure us he
was going to write some songs for our new band, a line in particular
referencing the cute bartender chick's "chinese ass". Too silly.

Yesterday was a better day at Saraveza than the facepalm shitshow of the weekend.
I was well-rested, caffeined up and got there early. The night went smoothly and
closing was a breeze. I even got off 9 minutes early.

Today I woke again at 10 AM and some change. WTF... why?
I ate a chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese, and watched "Zombie A-Hole",
a low budget zombie killfest action-comedy filmed in Indiana.
Weird and sometimes goofy gore effects and lots of normal girls getting murdered by the demon zombie Pollox after showing their tits. Very enjoyable flick.

Tonight i'm working the graveyard shift at Plaid Pantry.
I should get a nap in before I go. At least two hours would be sweet.
I may have to figure out where i'm going to live again soon, but my life has otherwise
reached a point of near-stability, and i'm fairly happy.

The Rope and the Peat Bog [07 Mar 2016|09:32pm]
I'm not hating today, as a matter of fact, i'm feeling quite good.

Social media is becoming little more than a headache.
I don't wish to absorb so many political opinions in one sitting
while searching for something to amuse, entertain, or lift my spirit.

My own solitude is more like a weapon sometimes.

But i'm restless and bored tonight.. i'm going to a bar.
Alone if I must. I need to pull myself out of the drudgery.
I need a laugh and I need a drink.
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V Day Eve [13 Feb 2016|05:18pm]
I have five hours to kill before I get on mass transit to go to work.
I could read a book, watch some tv, drift aimlessly in the tide of social media.

I don't wanna do any of that shit.
I would rather sleep. I have been trying, failing.
Lying in the dark, listening to footsteps from upstairs.

Its the night before Valentine's Day and the nearest woman who would give two shits
about spending a day or night with me is 2,000 miles away.

A moment of realization is worth more than a thousand prayers.

don't talk to me about pot roast when i'm eating ramen. [31 Jan 2010|09:42pm]

+ writing a slasher/thriller with friends
+ getting 4 maybe 5 days next week
-- one of those might be a daytime shift

Friday night I went home early because of the snow and ice warning.
At first I was jazzed but later on it dawned on me that karaoke would
be cancelled, nobody was going to feel like hanging out, and i'd end up
sitting on the couch, drinking and watching TV. Groan. I'd rather be making money.
It got me thinking about useless habits, and put the steel back in my will to avoid the tube.
I seriously wonder at times how people can justify throwing away so many hours
watching television. Time is your most precious commodity..
it really is the ONLY thing you truly own..
Too precious to waste watching reruns of King of the Hill.
Some people will probably be watching TV on their deathbed.

Not that I don't have faults, i'm just sayin'.

I am annoyed by so many things.
I can't stand it when someone tells me what a great time they had last night, last week, last year, etc. because, if I wasn't there, I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. Don't tell me about that funny thing yr friend did and force me to let out a fake laugh to pacify you.
I wasn't there, I was doing something else, somewhere else, probably not as fun.
Orrrr maybe I was having MORE fun than you, but you wouldn't know that,
because I keep my activities to myself. I know that i'm awesome and I don't need you to validate me. But chances are, I wasn't doing shit, and now your bragging is getting on my nerves.

You know what never gets old? When fat black women get scared by something.
I could watch a two hour film of big black women being frightened by mice or dudes in werewolf masks jumping out of closets at them, whatever. Funniest shit ever.
Somebody film a TV show like Ghost Hunters with big black women going into haunted houses and getting scared by little noises and bullshit. You'll be rich!
Do it before Tyler Perry does it, goddamn it.

Gucci Mane's new single, "Lemonade".
I like this video because it makes me laugh and it has hot girls in it.
OK I kindof like the beat and the hook too..
The funniest bit is where Gucci Mane pays what looks like $800
for a glass of lemonade. Thats a fine big pimpin cliche/kneeslap moment.

here's a link if you wish to view this incredible work of art here.

Between that and his incredibly stupid choices of bling
this clown has put a big smile on my face. YOU KNOW HOW TO MANUFACTURE CRACK COCAINE, WE GET IT. THAT ARM N HAMMER SHIT'S NOT A SECRET OR EVEN CLEVER ANYMORE. Its great to live in a country where the mentally handicapped, and people incapable of spelling the word "MAN" correctly can rise to fame and acquire wealth.
Somewhere John Cougar Mellencamp is listening to his song "Pink Houses"
and chasing Ambien with bourbon and Coke.

And is it just me or does Gucci Mane look like a grown-up harlequin baby?

The bloody film i'm co-writing is pretty much the only development of note.
I'm gonna cut this short and try to do something with my night.
If you wanna join me, you know what to do.

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Supersize Hospitality Wallace [18 Aug 2009|09:09pm]
[ mood | face-humping cyberSwayze ]

People and their children make me nuts.

Especially the idiot names they tack onto their precious.

Your 'creativity' will dictate the rest of the kid's existence.

If you name yr daughter Mercedes, Alizee, or Brooklyn
you might as well put a stripper pole in the crib and
send her to kindergarten with her lunch in a little Crown Royal bag.

This also applies to anybody given the name of any car, city, or brand of liquor.

Prepare yrself for the reality that comes with a handle like that,
the stream of boyfriends culled from the scum of the local rock music
scene, DJs, wanna-be rappers, comedians and drug dealers.

Not that theres anything wrong with that, i'm just telling you what you already know.

I'm not even going to go into the names black folks give their chirrun.
Just open up a Websters dictionary and pick a word at random.
If theres a C in the word change it to a K, change any Qu to Kw,
and add an "-isha" or "-ondra".
True story, a BBW working the reg at the Shell station up the sKreet from my house
had a nametag that actually read "JUICY". I looked at her name tag for the entire
time she was ringing up my Funyuns and Powerade, stunned, in silent amazement.

Celebrity baby names are almost always bad, and yeah, that choad from Fallout Boy and his talentless cock-holster, the "<" of the Simpson sisters, deserve to get their asses kicked, but i'm gonna leave the celebretard ranting and raving to people who actually care about celebrity gossip and all that shit.
like this bitch......

I have friends who fall into the alpha primitives category of dudes.. big, dumb galoots.
Not bad guys... just, as I said. One of these fellas once pondered over the idea of naming his son Thor. This is as unrepentantly dumb an idea as i've ever heard.
Unless you start administering steroids to the kid at age 2, you might fuck up, some recessive intelligence gene might creep in, and instead of a big brawny badass, yr boy might be a bookish, sensitive, introverted type. Thats no Thor in my book... so thats just a bad idea, along with Hercules, and anything else from Greek or Norse mythology
is highly questionable. Except Ulysses. Ulysses is just a gnar name, period.

To reflect back on some names i've read of people just dropping a noun
and using it as a name, i'd say its got potential, but is often used in a certain schmaltzy way that brings to mind the music of Kenny G and turns the air in my nostrils brown.
I mean people who name their kids Lyric, Story, Heaven, stuff like that.
I've got some better, less new age-y Hallmark Channel made-for-tv Thanksgivingtime family movie-ish ideas for noun-names.

Enough with the names already... there are hundreds more websites where you can find more ridiculously (tragically) funny names. Take it from a guy named LEVERETT
and be mindful of what you name yr next kid!


tonight and every tuesday and friday
Karaoke. 10 PM - 2 AM
Reedmeisters 3439 Park Avenue

Sing songs and drink to the future!

She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
I don't want her
You can have her
She's too fat for me

Well, maybe not that one, that was an oldy when my dad was a kid.
We ain't talkin top hats and tap shoes here.

See ya!

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taste the irony [02 Aug 2009|05:54pm]
[ mood | lolz ]

"The pleasure of what we enjoy is lost by wanting more."

---------- fortune cookie from the Grand Buffet in Mississippi

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[27 Jul 2009|04:47am]
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