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don't talk to me about pot roast when i'm eating ramen.


+ writing a slasher/thriller with friends
+ getting 4 maybe 5 days next week
-- one of those might be a daytime shift

Friday night I went home early because of the snow and ice warning.
At first I was jazzed but later on it dawned on me that karaoke would
be cancelled, nobody was going to feel like hanging out, and i'd end up
sitting on the couch, drinking and watching TV. Groan. I'd rather be making money.
It got me thinking about useless habits, and put the steel back in my will to avoid the tube.
I seriously wonder at times how people can justify throwing away so many hours
watching television. Time is your most precious commodity..
it really is the ONLY thing you truly own..
Too precious to waste watching reruns of King of the Hill.
Some people will probably be watching TV on their deathbed.

Not that I don't have faults, i'm just sayin'.

I am annoyed by so many things.
I can't stand it when someone tells me what a great time they had last night, last week, last year, etc. because, if I wasn't there, I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. Don't tell me about that funny thing yr friend did and force me to let out a fake laugh to pacify you.
I wasn't there, I was doing something else, somewhere else, probably not as fun.
Orrrr maybe I was having MORE fun than you, but you wouldn't know that,
because I keep my activities to myself. I know that i'm awesome and I don't need you to validate me. But chances are, I wasn't doing shit, and now your bragging is getting on my nerves.

You know what never gets old? When fat black women get scared by something.
I could watch a two hour film of big black women being frightened by mice or dudes in werewolf masks jumping out of closets at them, whatever. Funniest shit ever.
Somebody film a TV show like Ghost Hunters with big black women going into haunted houses and getting scared by little noises and bullshit. You'll be rich!
Do it before Tyler Perry does it, goddamn it.

Gucci Mane's new single, "Lemonade".
I like this video because it makes me laugh and it has hot girls in it.
OK I kindof like the beat and the hook too..
The funniest bit is where Gucci Mane pays what looks like $800
for a glass of lemonade. Thats a fine big pimpin cliche/kneeslap moment.

here's a link if you wish to view this incredible work of art here.

Between that and his incredibly stupid choices of bling
this clown has put a big smile on my face. YOU KNOW HOW TO MANUFACTURE CRACK COCAINE, WE GET IT. THAT ARM N HAMMER SHIT'S NOT A SECRET OR EVEN CLEVER ANYMORE. Its great to live in a country where the mentally handicapped, and people incapable of spelling the word "MAN" correctly can rise to fame and acquire wealth.
Somewhere John Cougar Mellencamp is listening to his song "Pink Houses"
and chasing Ambien with bourbon and Coke.

And is it just me or does Gucci Mane look like a grown-up harlequin baby?

The bloody film i'm co-writing is pretty much the only development of note.
I'm gonna cut this short and try to do something with my night.
If you wanna join me, you know what to do.

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